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Massage is an integral part of overall wellness. Not only is it a great way to treat yourself to some self care and relaxation, it's a great way to make strides towards a healthier you. From reduced muscle tension to improved circulation and a reduction in stress hormones, we can't think of a reason not to get a massage.


Relaxation Massage | 60 min $98+ | 90 min $143+

Experience ultimate relaxation with a Relaxation Massage. Ranging from light to medium pressure, this full body massage involves long fluid strokes paired with kneading to break up tension and soothe sore muscles. Any enhancements can be added to this service but it pairs especially well with aromatherapy and hot stones to really indulge in a relaxing experience. 60 or 90 minutes.

Therapeutic Massage| 60 min $108+ | 90 min $153+

A focused massage where your therapist will apply firm pressure and will focus on problem areas to help relieve pain and reduce muscle tension. Any enhancement can be added to the service, but it pairs best with cupping or CBD Spot Treatment to truly relieve pain.

Deep Tissue Massage| 60 min $118+ | 90 min $163+

This intensive deep tissue treatment is designed to relax sore muscles, tendons and stiff joints with myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Please note, this massage is for intense deep tissue massage and can be painful and soreness afterwards is completely normal. 

*To enhance your pain relief, this treatment pairs especially well with CBD Spot Treatment and Cupping*

Prenatal Massage| 60 min| $98+

Similar to our Swedish massage, our prenatal massage is curate to help relax expectant mothers. Available with our specially designed pregnancy pillow that allows you to still lay face down during your massage! Whether you're 12 weeks or 38 weeks along, a prenatal massage is the best way to manage aches and pains throughout your pregnancy. To enhance this treatment, we recommend the Peppermint Scalp Treatment.

*Lavender aromatherapy cannot be used and certain trigger points on the feet will need to be avoided to prevent possible induction*

CBD Pain Relief Massage| 60 min $116+ | 90 min $131+

Prior to your massage, you will be given a small cup of CBD Infused water to start the relaxation experience. This will be followed by a massage using CBD infused oil, spending extra time on any specific areas of concern. CBD has been proven to increase relaxation and improve the feeling/symptoms of chronic pain. To enhance this service, we recommend adding dry brushing to help improve circulation and detox your system.

*All CBD used is THC free*

Seasonal Massage|Price Varies

Our seasonal massage is a great introduction to massage therapy & an excellent pairing with our seasonal facial. Our seasonal massages change with the scents of the seasons.

Lymphatic Detox Massage| 70 min | $166+

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a specialty service designed to help improve lymph flow. Many of us walk around with a clogged lymphatic system, causing digestive issues, bloating and swelling. Lymphatic Massage has also been shown to boost weight loss, decrease cellulite and improve your immune system function. To enhance this treatment, we recommend adding dry brushing and a Sauna session for the ultimate detox that will have you looking and feeling better than ever.

Abdominal Lymphatic Massage| 45 min| $110

This massage utilizes both manual & Brazilian lymphatic massage techniques. With a focus on the abdominal area, your massage therapist targets the organs in the abdomen. This massage yield visual and internal results by reducing bloating, constipation and helps to facilitate healthy digestion.

Couples Massage| 60 min| $196+

Treat your loved ones to a couples massage! This dual massage features a calming Swedish for two in our designated couples room. Whether you're celebrating something special or just looking to unwind. This service will have you feeling refreshed and more connected!


Aroma Therapy | $10 
Offered in 10 different scents, aromatherapy can be added onto your service to help relax, destress and calm nerves. Each scent is unique in its benefits.

Cupping | $30
Silicone cups are used to break up superficial tension, help with circulation and are a great addition to a therapeutic or CBD massage! They are used throughout the session, staying stagnant for a couple of minutes or moved over the skin in gentle gliding movements. With three different sizes, these cups can be put almost anywhere on the body and when used in tandem with massage can provide deep tension relief.

CBD Spot Treatment | $20
Similar to a combination of ice and heat, this all natural cream provides pain relief to an area of your choice without any chemicals added. Containing alow, vitamin E and the calmin scent of eucalyptus, this treatment helps to target pain and is great introduction to CBD.

Scalp Treatment with Peppermint Oil | 15 min| $15
Infused with coconut, argan, aloe and peppermint, this scalp massage delivers hydration and relief from dry, itchy scalp.

Dry Brushing | 30 min | $30
A form of physical exfoliation, dry brushing is the perfect addition to a full body detox. Removing dead skin cells and improving circulation, dry brushing is an added benefit to your massage.

Hot Stones | $15
Used in tandem with massage, hot stones help to melt away tension and pain without having to increase pressure. The use of heat increases blood flow which aids int he healing of sore muscles. A great way to work on those stubborn knots while still relaxing.

Face Lifting Lymphatic Drainage | 15 min | $30
Facial lymphatic massage, also known as gua sha has been used for many years as a technique to firm and lift the brows and face while minimizing puffiness.

Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment | $30/ea.
This luxurious hand and foot treatment will enhance any treatment. The scent of lavender or eucalyptus will have you feeling so relaxed and calm while the warm paraffin delivers intense moisture leaving your hands and feet feeling better than ever. 
*we use single use, pre-filled, disposable gloves and booties*


Ultimate Detox Package| 90 min massage, 30 min Sauna | $218+

For the Ultimate experience in Detox, we combine our 90min, Full Body Lymphatic Massage with a 30min. Sauna Session, Dry Brushing and a Detox Tea.

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