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Spa Salts and Stones

Spa Amenities

Salt room Therapy, Infrared Sauna & Oxygen Therapy. All designed for comfort, wellness & relaxation.


Himalayan Salt Room
30min. $25| 60min. $45

There are so many benefits to salt room therapy. Here are just a few of the incredible benefits:

- improve lung function

- alleviate allergy symptoms

- strengthen your immune system

- decrease inflammation

- helps with acne, rosacea & skin aging

Bring a guest to join in on your salt room session! 

30 min $40 | 60 min $80

Infrared Sauna
20min. $25| 40min $40

Infrared Sauna is the ultimate detox.

The benefits are:

- boosts immunity

- detoxes the body of chemicals & heavy metals

- melts away anxiety by lowering cortisol

- provides glowing skin by increased blood flow that increases collagen & elastin production

- burns calories while you relax

Bring a guest to join in on your sauna session! 

20 min +$20 | 45 min +$25

Young woman sitting on wooden bench in infrared sauna, space for text. Spa treatment.jpg

Oxygen Lounge
15min. $15

Come relax under the stars in our space themed oxygen room & breathe in 98% pure oxygen with your choice of aromatherapy. 

Why Oxygen Therapy?

- increased energy

- reduce stress

- relief of migraines

- improved sleep

& so much more!


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